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The American Hotel makes every effort to support local farming. We believe that one of the most important ways to support your community is to support its farms. Here is a list of just a few farms and local purveyors who work year round to provide us with the safest, freshest and healthiest food that we are often able to offer our guests.  


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Springs Lamb Farm


Sharon Springs, NY

Peter and Maureen Lodes provide us with farm fresh eggs ‘year round and amazing spring asparagus.

Stagecoach Coffee


Cooperstown, NY

Our friends at Stagecoach roast our robust American Hotel blend and French Press coffees weekly.

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Parsons Farm


Route 20 Sharon Springs 

Farmer Kenyon Parsons

Stop anytime to purchase the days harvest from the roadside farmstand. 

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Denali Farms


Jack and Betty Singer of Denali Farms, Sharon Springs, New York give us traditional Upstate New York Maple Syrup. Together they tap more than 4,000 trees and use the old fashioned method of evaportion to boil the water out of their syrup.

Goat Illustration
Kipp Hill Farm


Sloansville, NY

Our only signature dessert not made in house because Suzanne Kipp's is outstanding: Goats Milk Cheesecake. Yes, her chèvre! (available on special occasions) 

Fish illustration
Mike's Seafood


Although Mike would not be considered a farm, he is a fourth generation professional fisherman. Currently residing in Delhi, New York, Mike visits the Boston and New York City Fish Markets several times a week (depending on demand) to hand select the freshest seafood. Only one hundred and forty four restaurants in Upstate New York have the privilege of offering their customers this high quality product.

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Heidelberg Baking Company


Herkimer, NY

Heidelberg bakes our delicious cracked wheat baguettes and breakfast breads, no artificial anything!

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Arcadian Pastures


We are happy to be partnering with Arcadian Pastures (subject to availability), a small chain of non-GMO organic butcher shops based in Brooklyn and Ballston Spa, NY. 

Egg Illustration
Merry Acres Farm


More fabulous fresh eggs, thanks to our loyal server (and part-time local farmer) Sarah Kayhart!

Basket of vegetables

Stop by Parson's Vegetable Stand (on Route 20 in Sharon Springs) for terrific produce during the Spring, Summer and Fall Harvest, and say "hi" to Kenyon, who is a regular visitor to our kitchen door.